Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sample: 100 Fashion Designers - 010 Curators

I got given this book back in 2006. Here are some of my favourite pictures from it.

This Alexandre Herchcovitch dress reminds me of [Charles Guislain]...


Big Daddy said...

love the back of that first one, so pretty! And i could totally use that chunky knit all winter long!
Great post.

The Ram said...

Hey girl! about the gloves -
I would looooove a pair but I will still have to think about the price! I understand how much the cost because you're hand making them, etc.

Ugh I would still love a pair but idk if 70 dollars is in my budget to spend on them right now :/ but I seriously love them. But, I'm surprised, the shipping isn't too bad! ;)

Thank you again for checking it out/offering!


Doremy Diatta said...

oh my gosh, great knits! im dying for some 'sheer' knits , love this post

come by sometime,
The Ballon Rouge