Monday, August 16, 2010


I designed and made this glove in semester 1 for a uni folio. It's a customized vintage 50's velvet opera glove encrusted with broken and reclaimed jewelery. I was inspired by crabs (not the STI, haha) and freddie kruger. I used a wood and metal glue to adhere the jewelery along with a tiny bit of hand sewing. I made the nails out of hammered toys. I was pretty pleased with the result once it was complete! It was a quick, fun and experimental process. Please excuse my crappy photos!

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White Lightning said...

DYING. love this. love your HAT.

The Ram said...

Girl, these photos aren't crappy!
I am absolutely obsessed with your gloves!
They look fantastic! what a great portfolio piece.
could you make me a pair?!
and, i love your blog also! loving your style.
ps: i made some awesome faux nails the other day, and I'm uploading pics of them soon. check it out, i think you will like em!

Kat said...

SWEET blog.. those pics are dope.

The Ram said...

You're welcome! :) I would love a black pair! But, I'm almost thinking a bold color would look cute, too! Maybe it would be too much?
Do you live in Australia? I'm just worried the shipping would be a lot :/

GlorijaYorke said...

amazing <3

Nadia said...

FUCKING SICKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! amazing, darling xo

Isabel said...

Oh my god, this is just so COOL! Creativity? Check.

Natasha Lillipore said...