Thursday, August 19, 2010

excessive @spiration

Vogue Hommes JP
vintage kansai yamamoto

Anna piaggi
Versace booties
leigh bowery

the craft still

contessa stuto, tangent magazine


The Ram said...

One word: YES!
Love all of these images. We have a lot of inspirations in common! ah love it <3

Kat said...

"getting a comme vibe from that skirt & loving it! :)"

that's like the best compliment i've ever gotten. i love polka dots and, of course, cdg! XD

also, THOSE vintage kansai yamamotos and ANNA PIAGGI.. omg! i shall be stalking your blog for a very long time. <3


GlorijaYorke said...

anna piaggi <3 <3 <3 love her

and that first picture also <3