Saturday, March 5, 2011

Gender conformity is crucial and permanently relevant. Regardless of how transgressive, aware and accepting people are there is always a craving for tradition. Most consciously masturbate to tradition and it brings us bland and monotonous gratification. I could endlessly offer examples of how tradition and set barriers are prominent today. Even androgyny and a disregard for gender boundaries enforce tradition; a certain frame, a certain jaw, eyebrow, detail, physique are acceptable. Others are not. I don’t understand these trends being cyclical and deprived of any true anarchy. Why is everything so solid and categorized? People’s curiosity is frustrating, it’s greedy and selfish. Seemingly curious about circumstances, appearances, gender and how to typecast. As long as the external form is evocative and comforting one is safe. I am drawn to inconsistency and irregularity because it’s far more impressive and disturbing.


Isabel said...

You are so intelligent and fascinating. <3

Sister Wolf said...

I am too drugged to consider these questions BUT I was just looking at that photo elsewhere today.

Keep on being you, and pile on that damn jewelry! That is my (drugged) vote. xo