Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Demons Of The Flesh

My favourite artist is the surrealist Max Ernst. His work is so contorted, warped and expressive. I found it funny that when I was researching Zeena Lavey (Anton Lavey’s daughter) a published book by her and her husband used my favourite piece by Ernst on the cover ‘The Robing of the Bride’ (1940) . I’m so curious as to why they chose this piece? I suppose the fluid sensuality and juxtaposition of elements would have appealed to them. I've always wanted to make a huge feathered blood orange coat with a hood emulating the one depicted in the painting.

Anyway, it inspired me to do a quick illustration.


GlorijaYorke said...

beautiful illustration

Sister Wolf said...

Yes, and make the cloak! (That's one of my favorite Max Ernst paintings. too)

Nadia said...

Amazing illustration - you are so talented! <3